Gareth Jones tournament

April 20, 2024


Gareth Jones Tournament

The mission of the Gareth Jones Tournament is to honor our former player and brother by bringing kids together to play rugby. The Texas A&M University Men’s Rugby Club hosts the tournament annually at Penberthy Sports Complex. 

a special day of fun playing rugby

The Gareth Jones Tournament is a day full of fun for youth rugby. It’s a chance for youth around the state to come to the greatest university in Texas and play with other youth who love the sport of rugby.

frequently asked questions

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Send us an email here with any and all questions about the Gareth Jones Tournament.

Each Club MUST have the following to play:

  1. A Club Representative to handle the check-in process. A club may have more than one representative as long as they are checking in separate teams within the club (U6, U8, etc.).
  2. A printed Gareth Jones Divisional Roster with each player’s name. Download a blank roster for your club here. No other roster form, digital copies, or photos will be accepted.
  3. A printed, signed and completed waiver for each player on the roster. No pictures, emails, or digital copies will be accepted. Players without waivers will be removed from the roster and not allowed to participate. Download the waiver here.
  4. Waivers should be organized alphabetically, with the official roster attached to the top. This will make the check-in process quicker and easier for everyone.


2024 Gareth Jones Tournament fees are only $150 per club, and each club purchases one ticket to enter the tournament. You can purchase your club’s ticket here.


Once you’ve completed the registration form you will receive an email that includes a link to payment. 2024 Gareth Jones tournament fees are only $150 per club, and each club purchases one ticket to enter the tournament. A direct link to purchase your club’s ticket can be found here.

Each player in the tournament MUST have a waiver on file to play. The University will have staff on site to ensure that each player’s waiver is in hand before they are allowed to play. There will be zero tolerance for missing waivers, so please ensure your players have signed waivers before coming to the pitch! Download the waiver here.

For questions about player waivers please contact us here.

Registration for the tournament is per club and can be completed by following this link.

For questions about registration please contact us here.

Download the most updated Check-in Protocol Sheet here.

  1. Check-in begins at 7:30 AM. Each team MUST check in at least 90 minutes before your 1st kick-off time. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure check-in happens on time.
  2. Each club will be assigned a Check-in Host who will be available at the main entrance to Penberthy. Large clubs with multiple teams may be assigned multiple hosts.
  3. Each club must have a Club Representative to facilitate the check-in process. Clubs with more than one team may have more than one representative to help check in each team.
  4. Each club MUST bring hard copies of their Gareth Jones Divisional Rosters and hard copies of signed waivers for each player on the roster. No pictures, emails, or digital copies of waivers or rosters will be accepted. Players without a completed and signed waiver will not be allowed to play.
  5. Blank Copies of the Gareth Jones Divisional Roster can be downloaded here. No other roster format will be accepted. Blank copies of the Official Waiver can downloaded here.
    1. Each team must have a printed, completed roster.
    2. Each player must have a printed, signed waiver. All waivers must be presented at check-in in alphabetical order by division, with the roster attached to the top of the waivers.
  6. Your host will verify that each rostered player has a completed and signed waiver and appears on a roster. Your club representative will then sign-off that only rostered players with signed waivers will participate.

For questions about the tournament schedule please contact us here.

The Gareth Jones Tournament is hosted by the Texas A&M University Men’s Rugby Club at Penberthy Sports Complex. Follow this link for directions to the pitch!

The mission of the Gareth Jones Tournament is to provide an opportunity for youth rugby to flourish in the state of Texas. Although winning is fun, rugby is known for being a sport of camaraderie and brotherhood, so there is no need to award trophies or championships, however, teams may be “highlighted” for both performance and leadership successes.

The Gareth Jones Tournament is run by the Texas A&M Men’s Rugby Club. Players and coaches get together to provide the opportunity for a fun day of rugby for the youth who attend.  

The 2024 Student Tournament Director is Dylan Dominey. To contact us with questions about the tournament, please follow this link.

Rugby games with contact will be refereed by certified referees. Non-contact games will be refereed by TAMU Men’s Rugby Club players who have generously donated their time to the tournament.

For questions about officiating, please contact us here.

Each team is guaranteed two games.

For questions about tournament brackets please contact us here.

About Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones was a Texas A&M Men’s Rugby Club member and our brother. He was always smiling, well-spoken, and was wise beyond his years. Although, he wasn’t the fastest or the biggest, but he had something that there is no measure for…intestinal fortitude. Gareth truly played the game for all the right reasons…his teammates. At a time when most kids just want to be the superstar, Gareth shone above them all with his unselfish nature and his desire to see his teammates succeed. He wanted to be better so the team could be better. 

Gareth lived his life off the field in much the same way. He was known to take younger players under his wing and nurture them into the game and in life. We honor Gareth’s life on and off the field through this tournament each year, and look forward to sharing this with Texas youth for many years to come.